Google Health Tells Public to Upload Private Health Info

Google has been making some serious steps toward global domination lately, and one such step is Google Health: The Internet’s one-stop-shop for centralizing health information about the public. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of going digital, but Google worries me sometimes.

Fortunately Google comforts us with the message “Google Health puts you in charge of your health information. It’s safe, secure, and free.” Hey, I feel better. Okay, I’m still not signing up.

This excerpt from Google and HIPPA is somewhat troublesome:

…and may share without authorization in certain limited circumstances, such as: […] With contractors and vendors operating solely on Google’s behalf

How on Earth is that considered a limited circumstance? My honest opinion is that this type of service could actually be great for some people – let’s hope it all goes well. What do you think?

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