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If you have an iPhone or iPad, today is your lucky day. Box is handing out 50GB of free cloud storage space for life. Just download Box from the App Store in the next 30 days to seal the deal. Fortunately, you don’t have to jump through any hoops or sign your life away to get the free 50GB.

If you are new to Box, you can simply download the iPhone or iPad app and create a new account. If you already have a Box account, just sign in to the latest version of the iPhone or iPad app and it will be added to your account.

How Does Cloud Storage Help You?

Like most business owners and professionals these days, you probably juggle a lot of files.

Storing all your stuff on the cloud is extremely useful when you switch between multiple devices like a laptop, smartphone and tablet. The increasing size of files in general, combined with the plethora of devices we all use, makes it that much harder to keep organized with prehistoric technology like thumbdrives and CD-Rs.

Online storage space is a great way to save your own files, as well as share files with clients. A lot of Maine businesses are still sharing files via email attachments, or uploading them to their website over FTP.

Email is great for smaller files, but anything over a few megabytes starts to get pretty cumbersome. FTP simply takes too much work – creating custom user accounts, passing around credentials and finding an FTP client for every device is simply a waste of time for simple file sharing.

Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive?

There have been some great solutions for free cloud storage space for a while now. Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive are both solid contenders – with Dropbox really forging the way for many other cloud storage providers.

Dropbox has been a favorite at Intavant for a long time, and we’re still faithful users alongside Microsoft SkyDrive. Still, it’s pretty hard to pass up a ridiculously huge amount of storage space like 50 gigabytes. Of course, that’s exactly what Box has in mind.

Box has been on a mission over the last few years to push hard into the cloud storage market. In addition to offering a huge amount of free space, they are rolling in preview support for a huge range of file types. This means you can access and view all of your files from within the Box app itself.

Box seems to have a plan. Their website presents a lot more than just a cloud storage company. In addition to storage, they are talking a lot about collaboration. Based on the wide range of file types they are building support for, we’re guessing that Box is going to grow far beyond just a cloud storage service into a full-blown document collaboration and sharing provider.

At any rate, 50GB of free storage space is a hard deal to beat. If you’re not a heavy user of cloud storage, it’s still worth grabbing that free account in case you have some hefty videos or backups you want to offload. What better place to save those regular website backups?

Small businesses need every advantage they can get. If you’re a professional on a budget, you could save yourself and your business some cash by taking advantage of deals like this one from Box.

Have questions about setting up Box, or how to leverage cloud storage for your business? Don’t hesitate to contact Intavant today.

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