Unleashing the Ideavirus by Seth Godin

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“Unleashing the Ideavirus” by Seth Godin is a must-read for anyone involved in marketing products in this day and age. Seth shares a simple, raw, and very powerful recipe for creating products that sweep the market through word-of-mouth.

Instead of marketing at people, Seth demonstrates how to let our customers do the marketing for us. Unleashing the Ideavirus will help you make a truly great product that fills a need, generates excitement and energy, and becomes a virus that passes from one customer to the next in a frenzy of word-of-mouth advertising.

Written in Seth’s blog-esqu style, Unleashing the Ideavirus is a very easy read that’s packed with golden nuggets of product marketing wisdom. Seth draws on dozens of examples, research, and his own experience to demonstrate the power of this new way of thinking.

Following his own advice, Seth Godin has written Unleashing the Ideavirus in an easy to read format. It’s a quick read with tons of great information, especially for online marketers and digital product developers. You might not abandon all of your traditional marketing after reading this book, but you will almost certainly come away with a new and invigorating outlook on what really makes marketing tick in this digital day and age.

The great news? If you don’t want to cough up $10-15 for the book like I did, you can download the PDF version for free.

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Book Review: Unleashing the Ideavirus by Seth Godin
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